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Award-Winning Teachers

Programs created by Apple, Cisco, VISA ex-engineers, and Stanford, Berkeley graduates.

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Game-style Learning  

Gamification makes coding fun and interactive.    

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  AI-assisted Learning   

The system AI automatically check the students' code and gives timely prompts and feedback to students

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Award-winning curriculum

Over 100+ learning modules and creative tools.

About Us

Welcome to Ponycody

PonyCody is an online interactive platform. We offer fun, engaging and self-paced online curriculums for K-12 students to learn coding the fun way.

Popular Course

We tailored a variety of courses to students based on their interests.

  • $15
  • 580
1-3 Grade

Tank Adventure

The interesting web blockly programming game "Tank Adventures" allows beginner-level students to quickly experience and become familiar with Blockly logic programming, learning to use functions and looping statements to control our small tanks to complete the 10 level challenges.

Knowledge: drag-and-drop programming, javascript, functions, loop statements     

  • $15
  • 743
3-6 Grade

Python turtle

Python turtle I & II is an introductory course for text python web programming. It is suitable for students who are in the third grade to quickly learn the real programming language Python, and control our turtles through programming to complete various interesting challenges.               

Knowledge: Python, judgment, functions, loops and nested loops, object-oriented

  • $20
  • 162
3-6 Grade

World War II

The World War II historical 3D programming game covers the Polish Blitz, the Normandy landing and other famous classic European battlefields. The students who complete the logic programming training in the third grade will learn to control the Allied tanks and fighters with Javascript, and finally learn the history of WWII.

Knowledge: Javascript, functions, nested loops, object-oriented programming, algorithms.