Self-paced Learning Virtual Classroom
  • $15
  • 571
1-3 Grade

Tank Adventure

The interesting blockly programming game "Tank Adventures" allows beginner-level students to quickly experience and get familiar with Blockly programming. Students will learn to use functions and looping statements to control our small tanks to complete the 10 level challenges.

  • $15
  • 459
1-3 Grade

Spaceship Adventure

In these 12 lessons of Scratch 3.0 courses, you will learn how to build a complicated spaceship adventure game from scratch, join us to create your dream spaceship game!

  • $15
  • 293
1-3 Grade

Typing Pilot

In this course, you will learn how to put together a typing game using Scratch. In 60 seconds, four different letters will fall from the top of the screen. The player will need to type in the corresponding letter to hit the letters. The letter will disappear once it is hit.

  • $15
  • 181
1-3 Grade

Puppy Calculator

We are going to create a calculator in this course. In this project, you will understand how to design a simple calculator with functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This course is a great practice for those who already have some basic experience with scratch to improve their logical thinking ability and get more familiar with Scratch.

  • $15
  • 529
1-3 Grade

Fruit Ninja

In this course, you will learn to recreate the classic Fruit Ninja motion game originally developed by Halfbrick in Scratch. In this game, the player slices fruit with a blade controlled via the mouse. As the fruit is thrown onto the screen, the player swipes their mouse across the screen to create a slicing motion, attempting to slice the fruit in half.

  • $15
  • 740
3-6 Grade

Python Turtle I

Today we are going to begin our amazing adventure with Python’s Turtles.. This course is a great introduction to the Python programming language. By the end, you'll be familiar with Python code and Python’s Turtle. So why should we learn Python? Python is a versatile and popular programming language. It's great as a first language because it easy to read, and it is also a good language for any programmer to have. Python can be used for everything from websites to software and science.

  • $15
  • 316
3-6 Grade

Python Turtle II

Python is an artificial intelligence open source language. There are many modules that provide very powerful features, such as big data processing, sending emails, building web, etc. Python Turtle II is follow-up course of Python Turtle I. This course will get you more familiar with creating turtles, drawing all types of pretty shapes and patterns, and adding colors.This course is worthy to learn.

  • $15
  • 342
3-6 Grade

Math Meet Python 3rd

Math meet Python provides an overview of third-grade math, and teaches how to implement Python with math problems. Students will study and understand the fundamental math concepts like arithmetic, geometric areas and shapes, graphs as well as important measurements in daily life, such as time. This is a great course for students who desire to earn a better understanding of math and concept of Python programming language.

  • $15
  • 128
3-6 Grade

Math Meet Python 4th

Math meet Python 4th provides an overview of fourth-grade mathematics, and teach how to solve math problems using Python. Students will study and understand the fundamental math concepts like arithmetic, geometric areas and shapes, graphs as well as important measurements.

  • $20
  • 115
3-6 Grade

Data Visualization

Matplotlib is probably the single most used Python package for 2D-graphics. It provides a very quick way to visualize data from Python. We are going to explore matplotlib in interactive mode covering most common cases. By the end, you'll be familiar with Python code and Python’s Matplotlib.

  • $20
  • 159
3-6 Grade

World War II

The World War 2 3D text coding game covers the German invasions, the Normandy landings and other famous classic European battlefields. The students who complete the blockly programming training will learn to control the Allied tanks and fighters with Javascript programming.

  • $0
  • 152
3-6 Grade

PonyVR Museum

PonyVR Museum includes Rome-Greek, European, Egyptian and Asian exhibits with more than 80 statues. Each statue has 2-3 minutes video introduction about the statues history. Let's start the VR journey with google cardboard.

  • $0
  • 50
3-6 Grade


micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun!

Self-paced interactive course package

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Blockly Coding

Free    $15/Course

Text Coding

Free    $15/Course

STEAM Courses

Free    $15/Course

All plans include

   1. All self-learning interactive courses.

   2. 1000+ Interactive learning modules.

   3. 10% off online live tutoring courses.

   4. AI-assisted learning.

   5. Cross-platform support.

   6. Progress reports sent directly to parents

Self-paced Learning

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Gain computer science skills through game-based learning, and versatile interactive learning courses

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Gamification learning

Students are required to complete the previous level to unlock the next level, and gain experience and star rewards through completing different levels of challenges. In each lesson, the students will participate in various interactive learning modules, mini-games, coding projects and build confidence by accomplishing coding tasks and winning cool badges.

Guided interactive learning


Control the game by programming or selecting code blocks.

Free play mode

After completing the tutorial, students can try to play games to help them apply the concepts they have learned.

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AI assisted instruction

AI language Python

Students easily learn AI language Python through a series of fun games.

All in one

All features like online coding editor, coding task, hints, progress tracker are integrated into one simple webpage, allowing students to start learning programming right away.

AI automatic error detection and prompts

When the student's program code is running, the system AI automatically check the error and gives a prompt to help student learn faster without frustration.

Community sharing

Students and parents can share their learning outcomes on Facebook, websites, team up and learn from each other.

Integration with Scratch 3.0 and blockly programming editor

Fun puzzle game

Students start learning programing by solving various challenges in fun puzzle game.

Create and share

Students creates their own fun game and share with peers.

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logo images

Thematic programming game

Combination of real history

With real history as the background, as students run through the game story they learn history in the game.

3D brilliant effect

Amazing 3D game graphics are attractive to students who are used to 3D game environments.

Virtual Classroom with Award Winning Teacher

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Private Session

One-on-one instruction

$50 / Session

2 Student Session

2-on-1 group instruction

$35 / Session

3 Student Session

3-on-1 group instruction

$30 / Session

All plans include

   1. 45 minutes live learning with teachers.

   2. Customized homework and feedback.

   3. Free access to curriculum materials.

   4. Various supportive Learning tools like integrated online video tutorial, PPT, hints, etc.

   5. Online support with live teachers.

   6. Cross-platform support.

Virtual Classroom Schedule

# Course Status Date Time Sessions Frequency Price($)        


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Class session: Scratch and Python

Katrina graduated with an education degree from the Stanford Graduate School of Education. She is a passionate and enthusiastic coding teacher who wants to share her love of coding with kids. Katrina has great experience working with students in schools, camps or an after-school environment.

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Class session: Scratch and Python

Jin graduated from Columbia University with a Master's degree in Cognitive Science in Education. With her behavioral science background, she knows how to get along well with and communicate effectively with young students. Jin is here to provide you the best coding learning experience.

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Class session: Scratch and Python

Chad is a focused, skilled, dedicated, and flexible coding teacher that graduated with a computer science degree from San Jose State University. He is proficient in Java and C/C++ programming at an industry level. He is also an experienced coding teacher passionate to share his field knowledge with students.

Q & A

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Q1.Why start learning programming at young age?

Learning programming can simultaneously develop your child's logical thinking, mathematical skill, problem solving skills, confidence and creativity.

Q2.The importance of learning programming?

  1. Coding allows students to be creative.
  2. Coding builds confidence.
  3. Coding drives innovation.

Q3.What are the advantages of Ponycody's course?

Ponycody provides project-based and game-style interactive fun curriculum, student enjoy playing while learning.

Q4. Is online course good for young age student without the teacher's supervision?

In fact, online course is completely open and transparent. Parents can learn the student's course progress with progress function in the parent account . We also provide online tutoring service if student need teacher's help. and our tutors will communicate with parents through Email, facebook messager, or WeChat about student progress.

Q1.what is best age to start learning programming?

Students over the age of 6 can try playing coding games like 'Tank adventure' to see if he understand and like it.

Q2.My child already had some programming skill, what is the next he can learn?

If your child is between 6 and 10 years old, we recommend that he continues to learn scratch or blockly programing. If your child is over 10 years old, and get bored with blockly programing, he can try to learn text programming like Python, javascript, etc.

Q3.Do you have a trial class?

Yes, we offer first 30 minutes free trial class

Q4.How is the course charged?

You can find the course pricing in the parent page.

Q1.Where to download Google Chrome?

You can download Google Chrome browswer at

Q2. Why can't I save project?

Please sign in with student account first, then you can save your project.      

Q1. Is there any referral bonus?

We usually add $50 credit to your account once your referral signed up our 10 sessions of online tutoring. Please contact our customer service for more information.

Q2.How do I cancel service and get refund?

For each self-learning courses, there's at least two free lessons, no refund allowed once you bought the course. For online tutoring service, you can drop the course in frist two sessions with full refund if student don't like or not fit, however, after two sessions, tuitions will not be refunded.

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